For the best in Indie Music listen to #l Internet station
INDIE 104, which has featured my songs;
All About Need, See the Boy, Lost in You, Forest for
a Child, Tired Of Outlaws and Desperadoes, Baby on
My Knee, Ghost Train, Grierson's Raid, Rebel, Lost
In You, Soldier in My Heart, I Ain't Leavin',The Best
of Me if Yet to Come, Take the Long Way Home for
Love, and My Side of Bad. THANKS!
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See The Boy
a featured song on
Skope Radio
High Strung Woman
Change My Mind

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Dr. Lou and the House of
Blues Hour
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Midnight Special Blues
Internet Radio Live 365

Hear High Strung Woman
Banana Peel Radio,

Vancouver, Canada chooses
Richelle's songs for play in
Canada and worldwide.
Change My Mind and Grierson's

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radio station
American Songwriter Magazine

has awarded the following songs in
their Lyric Writing Competition

All About Need

Walk With Me (Take the Long Way
Home for Love)

Baby on My Knee, Soldier in My

Ridin' A Railroad Car
Women of Substance Radio

featured Richelle's song,  "Take the Long Way
Home for Love"
"Mississippi in Me"
performed by Richelle
written by Sheila Hutcherson and Linda Wey
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Women of Substance Radio
Radio Crystal Blue

is a freeform internet radio
program, created, produced and
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Live365 network. This program
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music of leading
indie/underground artists of
several genres currently
performing and recording
worldwide. Radio Crystal Blue
will feature
See The Boy, All
About Need,
and High Strung
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Specializing in Positive Music
a•cous•tic(e-koo stik): Of or
relating to sound, the sense of
fu•el(fyoo'el): Something consumed
to produce energy

Acoustic Fuel promotes a healthy
mindset by way of positive audio.
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* On Top of the World -Music for
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Acoustic Fuel featured
Take the
Long Way Home for Love
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WomensRadio featured

"All About Need"
"Take the Long Way Home for love
"Ballad of Meridian" finishes at #12 out of
283 in the City Love Music's "Song About
a City" songwriting competition.  THANK
YOU for your support!! Top songs in this
competition , including Ballad of Meridian,
have been released in a soundtrack
which is available through ITunes. Special
thanks to Sheila Hutcherson and June
Pongid Radio
selects Richelle as featured artist
and debuts
"My Side of Bad."
Music To go, Songwriters
Network, Live 365,
features "My Side of Bad," May 22,
UK International Showcase

accepts three songs: "My Side of
Bad," "Take the Long Way Home
for Love," and "Like I Never Was
Gone."  Also featured six songs in
a Christmas Special, which
included personal stories about
each song and my journey as an
artist. More info to come.
Poetry to Song Workshop
Northeast Elementary
Lisa Rawlings Class
    In the mid-seventies, I joined an amazing group of musicians and friends and we formed
    a band called The Magnatones. With the awesome talent of Joey Ethridge, Philip Whaley,
    Leon Williams, and Lamar McKenzie, and with Terry Rush in the studio, mixing and
    recording, The Magnatones couldn't miss.  Ah, youth. Ain't it grand? But with children,
    PTA meetings, homeroom parties, cub scouts, and brownies, and, well, need I say
    more? Life veered onto another course.

    I became a single parent with three children and the day-to-day routines of work,
    school, home, and the joys and hardships that accompany them.  I met my wonderful
    husband, Tim, and with him I gained a beautiful daughter, making my life filled with four
    awesome children. It was my husband's encouragement that prodded me to return the
    desires of my past.

    In 1999, I started a serious journey as a writer, taking workshops from the University of
    Mississippi (Ole Miss), including the Yoknapatawpha Writers’ Workshop, Southern
    Breeze (SCBWI) Writing and Illustrating for Kids Conference, and more.  I received my
    Diploma in Creative Writing from England's Open College for the Arts, as well as three
    diplomas on children's literature from the Institute of Children's Literature. I've
    completed accredited writing courses in playwriting, poetry, and fiction from Writers
    Digest and Gotham Writers, earning Gotham Writers Fiction Writing Certificate.  After
    writing sunup to sundown, the crushing blow of each rejection didn't serve to
    discourage, but to encourage me toward polished writing with well-developed plots
    and three-dimensional characters.  Therefore, I started stories, poetry, and songs
    over...and over...and over...and over again.

    But isn't life like that anyway, starting over...and over....and over again?  Going back to
    the starting line to run the race again and again isn't a sign of failure.  Walking away
    from the race is.
Lulu's Songwriters Night,
Gulf Shores, Alabama

A Little About the Past